All Natural Ginger Turmeric Tooth Powder for Whiter Teeth

All Natural Ginger Turmeric Tooth Powder for Whiter Teeth


♥~♥ All Natural Tooth Powder ♥ ~♥
This is an all natural vegan and organic Ginger Turmeric tooth powder.

Vegan - Organic - Gluten Free - All Natural - Cruelty Free - Soy Free - Hypoallergenic, Pure and Simple Product made with Aloha in Hawaii!


♥ Organic Ginger Powder - Strengthens teeth and gums, fights bacteria, brightens your smile, is antioxidant and fights plaque, helps remove biofilm
♥ Organic Turmeric Powder - Promotes brighter teeth, reduces risk of gum pain and infections, natural breath freshener, reduces bacteria and is anti inflammatory and anti microbial, may help with mouth sores
♥ Organic and Aluminum Free Baking Soda - Brightens teeth, removes film and plaque, deodorizes mouth, reduces affect of acidic foods, kills germs and bacteria
♥ Pink Hawaiian Sea Salt - Breaks down plaque build up, fights bad breath, strengthens gums and contains calcium and minerals, helps neutralize acids from foods, makes you salivate which creates antibacterial barrier to help protect tooth enamel


Has mild ginger taste.  The turmeric may stain your toothbrush yellow.


Our natural tooth power DOES NOT contains:
- Aluminum
- Parabens
- Dyes, Colors or Perfumes
- Toxic Ingredients
- Sulfates


2 oz. by volume - 2.5 oz. by weight - reusable twist top aluminum tin, FAA approved size for travel.


How to use this toothpowder:
1.  Wet toothbrush with water or you can use coconut oil
2.  Dip into toothpowder
3.  Brush teeth normally
4.  Rinse mouth with warm water


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