SELF ACCEPTANCE Roll On Aromatherapy / Aromatherapy Gift / Essential Oils

SELF ACCEPTANCE Roll On Aromatherapy / Aromatherapy Gift / Essential Oils

Our SELF ACCEPTANCE Aromatherapy Roll-On was specifically formulated to help regain some mental balance, feel more energized, uplifting, and have a more positive outlook throughout the day.  Roll on's are convenient, easy to take with you, small, and discrete -- and they smell great!  I use a high-grade Jojoba oil that glides on gently and softly to skin and allows the essential oils to be easily absorbed.  Remember, we can not take care of others unless we take care of ourselves first!


Self Acceptance Blend includes:

Bergamot:  calming and uplifting abilities, clears anxious feelings
Pink Grapefruit: uplifting, invigorating and energizing  
Lemon: cleansing, purifying, invigorating, uplifting 
Carrier Oils:  Sweet Almond Oil + Jojoba Oil


Roll On's come with a hand-stamped muslin bag for easy carrying.  Roll on's make great gifts - so thoughtful and appreciated by friends/family, front line workers, teachers, and they make the perfect little Thank You Gift!  


Application:  Shake bottle, then gently roll into temples, and pulse points (like inside of wrists), and a dab rubbed in behind ears.  Apply as often as needed!



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